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Mineral / Environment

The UK is rich in all types of minerals, which are an important national resource and can only be worked where they are found. The Nation's prosperity is met by meeting industry's need for raw materials, creating employment opportunities, often in remote rural areas, and assisting the balance of payments through exports and import substitutes.

Town Planning

Planning (1947 Act came into force 1st Jan 1948) is about future development and use of land.
Constructing new buildings, developing the use of land, accessibility and appearance, and other changes in the way land is used are essential to help economies grow to meet the needs for homes, jobs, shops, leisure and mobility.

Civil & Mining

Design of civil engineering infrastructure and surface mining operations.
Project management is the application of good management practices in a structural manner. The skill lies in identifying when the circumstances in which these practices should be applied, and the best way to do so.

Estate Factoring

Factoring comprises property and land management including General management of Estates, Ownership and Mineral Reservations, Negotiations of Lease Terms, Lease Management, Utility Protection and Compensation, Tenant Issues, Valuation, Professional Work and Development of Assets

about ams associates

Established in 1996 AMS Associates is a small niche practice specialising in Town Planning, Minerals & Waste Management, Land Development and Project Management operating throughout the UK.

Alistair Smith, the driving force behind AMS Associates, has over 30 years experience and is a skilled, results-orientated consultant with extensive knowledge and experience of the construction, minerals and environmental industries in the UK and overseas. A civil and mining engineer, minerals surveyor and town planner, Alistair enjoys over 30 years experience gained within industry and consultancy here in the UK and overseas in dealing with the complex issues of the built environment. Find out how you can benefit from his wealth of experience and know-how.

Bower Quarry Extension

This quarry is located in the County of Caithness in the north of Scotland. After 10 years of extraction operations a planning application and environmental statement was prepared and submitted for an extension to the quarry to extract 3.5 millions of rock over 25 years.

Prior to submitting the application extensive studies were carried covering ecology and hydrogeology due to the proximity of a number of SSSI Lochs. Forming part of the application was the preparation of an environmental impact assessment which covered such areas as landscape, noise, dust, ground vibration, ecology and landscape.

A detailed restoration and aftercare scheme was prepared including the restoration of the present quarry area creating water features to enhance the habit of the area together with woodland planting and landscaping the side walls.

Glentress Eco Tourist Facility

The site is located on land next to a major mountain bike centre in the county of Peeblesshire in the Scottish Borders. The project is to erect 24 wigwams together with a building which will provide a meeting room, w/c facilities, showers and washing and drying facilities. There are also facilities to wash down the mountain bikes at the end of each day. Each wigwam unit has electrical power unit with parking for 2 cars and a barbecue facility.
Due to the visual impact of the development a detailed visual and landscape assessment has had to be prepared which incorporates extensive planting over the site which currently is down to grazing. The intention is to extend the development with additional units which are all timber constructed using Scottish sourced materials.

During the development of the project agreement had to be reached with the Forestry Commission to gain access involving entering into a long term lease agreement.The drive behind this project has been diversification from a strictly based farm unit to providing land based development all of which can be managed by the owners of the farm.

Fulfordlees Sand Quarry

The quarry is located on a Greenfield site in the eastern corridor of the county of Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders.

The project is to extract 2 million tonnes of sand and gravel over 20 years to supply the Edinburgh market.Due to the location of the quarry an internal surfaced haul road was constructed to haul the raw mineral to an existing processing plant which was upgraded for the new quarry.

The application comprised a non technical summary, planning application and supporting statement, environmental statement and environmental appendices. A detailed pre-planting exercise was carried out followed by progressive restoration of the 80 acre site returning it to farmland with wildlife habits including wetlands created, over the period of the quarry operation.

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